Everywhere I look, I see threads crossed, interwoven, interconnected.

30+ years of shamanic work has given me an animist view of reality and of what constitutes a living thing, and a vision of the universe shown to me by the Mother of Weavers, Spider-spirit: Everything is energy and space — on that, science agrees with spirit — and the universe as she showed it to me is an enormous web. Its strands are energy, and the spaces between them, differentiation.

We are separate and individual, and all one. We are singular, combined, and interconnected. All of it at once. No one of those states is separate from any of the others, and yet each is defined. And if that seems completely mystical and without basis in reality to you, take a deep breath and click. Reality is a web of crossed threads.  Meditation offers a glimpse of them in stillness.  Divination offers a glimpse of them in motion.

And what does that mean? For me, a great deal in spiritual and philosophical terms, but not a lot in practical ones until recently. Not until I was ready for it.  The journal covers what’s happened since I turned that corner.

And if all that’s too esoteric for your tastes, my longest standing hobby, needlework, is threads in a twist, too. I do mostly counted cross-stitch and blackwork, both of which use embroidery floss — six twisted strands gently untwisted for use.